Naren : The Charcoal. The Form Giver. The Design Source. 

Naren has a considerable body of work in graphic design, advertising collateral and identity creation. With some 14 years of experience of mentoring and managing design and art people, Naren has had stints with Joint Arms and BEI Confluence. He is constantly looking to add form and shape to ideas, thoughts and concepts. Giving words and ideas the platform to take off he has the fire within to fuel the creation of brands to connect better with their audiences.

Much like the Charcoal that is the ultimate energy source to produce heat, the charcoal @ Hubble Bubble is hard, high density, easy to ignite, and burns longer with persistent heat. Restless and energetic, Naren is a rare professional who has all the charcoal qualities to keep the Hubble Bubble going on and on.

Parry : The Tobacco. Wordsmith. Ideator.

 Smoking tobacco is called Mu’assel – a mix of glycerol, molasses and sticky tobacco with flavours added on. Hubble Bubble’s  Mu’assel is Parry. Passionate about words – being appropriate and about pictures – being just perfect.

Whatever it is you like to smoke or have pipe dreams about , he will ready it for you – from FMCG, to airlines, IT, food and real estate or Shopping malls – his repertoire of client and industry knowledge is diverse – much like the flavours of smoking tobacco. Parry’s body of work spans print, radio, TVCs, Events and Corporate Communication.

With some 17 years of experience  with DDB and JWT affiliated agencies in India and Publicis and Young and Rubicam(while in the Middle East) he is  constantly looking for new ways to enable consumers and brands connect positively with each other, in traditional as well as in new media – with new flavours to match the mood of the audience!


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