If you’re looking for a place to chill with some friends and check out a variety of communication, design and identity offerings, stimulating chat and coffee, the newest creative hot shop on the block is Hubble Bubble.

Having opened quietly a few months ago, it’s starting to attract attention in the serene, bucolic environs of the fashionista destination Shahpur Jat, just off Khel Gaon Marg, in South Central Delhi.

The staff frankly recommends that you spend a few minutes of your time to explain what you need and you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Prices are reasonable for now – from Design and identity creation to exhibition design, ads, posters, leaflets, content for virtual media and more.

A recent guest, commented on her first visit to Hubble Bubble. “It’s a great place for young people to hang out because the area is safe and the atmosphere is warm, crazy and chatty.”

Do visit us often and leave us a comment or two – always helps keep morales high and the pot bubbling.Shisha


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