Chocolate? Gur? Either or Both?


Much has been written about chocolate – from the food of the gods, to Aztec king Montezuma quaffing it for longevity and enhanced sexual prowess. Courted by elite suitors such as  strawberries, oranges, nuts and liqeurs. Assuming roles in blocks,  syrups,condiments, powders, wafers and more. 

While Gur on the other hand – or jaggery  as I insist on the propah word, is an unglamorous country cousin. Consumed by convalescents, sometimes crushed and added to tea and transformed into chikki with peanuts. Reminds you a lot about Kipling’s quote about East and West? 

Well, you could be wrong! For, in a DDLJ-like twist, chocolate shuns its western roots and upbringing to be with the great gabru – none other than the homegrown robust gur.

The result – a hint of chocolate that makes you smile and enjoy the goodness of gur without the guilt of calories. 

Happy Endings? Or perhaps a great gift option to carry, for the NRI cousin on this vacation?




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