Let Hope Burn Bright this Lohri


This Lohri, it’s a fervent wish to see creation overcoming destruction, life arising slowly from the ashes of  carnage, death and devastation. Across the World – from nearer home in Peshawar to the distant lands of Nigeria and France – we pray for succour and comfort to those who have lost their precious ones. And hope that they find it in their hearts to find out reasons to exist and to reach out to voices of reason, as opposed to hate.


The D-Tapes:Too hot to handle?

It was the time of silly seasons, merry making and feasting. When along came a bombshell to spoil the party. When dear friend and client Saurabh Shukla the Editor-in-Chief of Newsmobile wanted a design to break a sensational piece of news, we went into a huddle. What was the best way to go about it?

The first design went like this – a veritable Russian roulette of sorts


The client dissed it saying it was too iffy – namby pamby. More direct, Hard hitting stuff needed.

Next came this one:


So we next said, why not bring Saurabh himself into the picture. Establish his credibility at the same as that of a sensational revelation?


A detour into a sinister black and white design – only Newsmobile colours stand out – the guys who broke the news on your mobile. First!

Finally, this is what we went with:


And that’s not the real story!!! The bizarre turn of events was when the prominent hoarding sites – refused to run the hoarding – not sure how they’d be able to handle the D boys or the govt guys.

Well we have done our bit. Saurabh Shukla is delighted too. Newsmobile the brand has been born. Feeds were shared across TV Channels and Mainstream print media. The party continues into the new year.

The Dawood Tapes if you missed it. It’s a must watch : www.newsmobile.in/exclusive/the-dawood-ibrahim-tape